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Moules Frites

"Moules Frites" or "Moules et frites" is French and means translated "mussels with chips". Moules frites are a Belgian national dish and the simple but delicious dish is also very popular in the north of France.

In Zurich, moules are also a tradition - after all, you quickly feel like you're at the North Sea when the cold autumn wind blows around your ears.

Mussels with french fries

Mussels with french fries

The best moules in town

The mussels are cooked in a broth of herbs, spices and white wine and are also served in it.

We only use moules of the size "Super" - they are bigger than the normal mussels, come from Holland and taste great.

Eat Moules

An old rule says that you should only eat mussels in months with an "R". This means the colder season from September to April. In fact, mussels are in season during this time and the supply is at its greatest. With us you can eat as much as you want.

Eat as much mussels as you can

Eat as much mussels as you can

Variations de Moules

The Moules Frites are available in two different varieties: "Moules Marinières" and "Ciboulette & Crème Fraîche".

Each portion of Moules Frites comes with a delicious truffle dip sauce. We also serve French fries and other fine side dishes.

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